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Poetry Break #23: Poem Written and Published by a Child


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Mrs. Mann's Poetry Corner

Introduction: This poem won a contest and was published on the "Giggle Poetry" website. (see link) Visit the site for additional Poetry written by children. It would be fun to read this poem to your class during a geography lesson on waterflow and rivers.

The River

Crashing and thrashing over the rocks
Strangling branches, soaking my socks
Down to the valley then out to the sea
The only place where it can be free

Jaclyn Sing, Grade 6

from Giggle Poetry website
available Online at:
(retrieved 12-1-01)

Giggle Poetry Website

Extension: After reading this poem to your class, have students create maps of specific regions that contain rivers and post the maps along with this poem on a bulletin board. It would also be a good idea to brainstorm ideas of other things in geography that poems could be written about. Encourage your students to write poems about simple things that they are familiar with.