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Poetry Break #6: Poem with a refrain


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Introduction: Children enjoy this funny poem about eating worms. It is fun to say this poem with students after it has rained and there are many worms to explore outside (remind students not to really eat them).

Worm Puree

Mrs. Mann's Poetry Corner

Worm puree, oh hooray!
You're the dish that makes my day.
Sing a merry roundelay.
Worm puree, hooray!

Worm puree, I must say,
you're divine in every way.
Hot or cold, fresh or old,
I'm your devotee.


Worms with rice, oh so nice,
every forkful, every slice.
When I chew bits of you,
I'm in paradise.


Worms with cheese, mashed with peas,
you are guaranteed to please.
Every bite is delight,
and slides down with ease.


Worm puree, pink and gray,
you're a heavenly entree.
Just one spoon makes me swoon,
worm puree, hooray!


Jack Prelutsky
(Scholastic, 1993)

Extension: After introducing this poem to your class, it would be fun to have students repeat the refrain with you while you read the poem. Make sure to have the poem posted for students to refer to during reading.

Question: What kind of facial expressions could you think of for this poem? (Try saying it with expression)