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Poetry Break #10: Poem to sing


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Mrs. Mann's Poetry Corner

Introduction: Bruce Lansky writes a lot of humerous poetry. Children of all ages love to laugh and sing. This is a poem that could be sung to the tune of "Mary Had a Little Lamb." Students should know the poem before they are asked to sing it. The teacher should sing the poem to the tune before students are expected to. *It's a good idea to sing it when you're alone first, just for practice.

Clear As Mud

I go to bed each morning.
I wake up every night.
I spill my milk at breakfast,
and then turn on the light.

Each day I miss the school bus.
I never have been late.
I don't turn in my homework.
My teacher thinks I'm great.

My favorite game is basketball.
I cannot sink a shot.
We haven't won a single game.
Our team is getting hot.

Last year I was in high school.
Now I'm in second grade.
Next year I'll be in daycare.
I'll really have it made!

When I grow up, I'm hoping
a baby I can be:
a pacifier in my mouth,
my cradle in a tree.

This poem's so confusing.
It's all so crystal clear.
Perhaps I'll understand it
when I am born next year.

Bruce Lansky

Poetry Party

(Meadowbrook Press, retrieved 10-20-01 available online at: )

Extension: After singing this poem several times with your students, you could have them use musical instruments to add a little pizzaz. Then they could perform it for another class or it could be added to a performance for parents. (Grown ups like to laugh too.) Make sure to have the poem posted where the students can read it.