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Poetry Break #15: Poem Matched With a Nonfiction Book


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Mrs. Mann's Poetry Corner

INTRODUCTION: This poem makes children stop and notice their heart pumping. Seymour Simon's *"The Heart" would be a wonderful nonfiction book to go along with this poem.


when I skip or hop
or when I'm

I like to stop
and listen to me

Lilian Moore

from "Morning Noon and Nighttime, Too"
poems selected by
Lee Bennett Hopkins
Illustrated by Nancy Hannans
(Harper & Row Publishers, 1980)

*"The Heart" by Seymour Simon
(Scholastic, 1996)

EXTENSION: After reading "Sometimes" to the students you could read "The Heart" and then have the students go outside for a fun activity.(You need to take a stopwatch, paper & pencil with you.) **Have the students run in the grass or on a track. After two minutes have children stop and show them how to find their pulse. Have them count how many beats they have in twenty seconds. You may want to record their numbers and use it for discussion or a graph.

**Make sure that students with health risks such as asthma can do this activity before you begin.