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Poetry Break #5: A Folk Poem


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Introduction: Folk poems are usually handed down through the oral tradition, many of the original authors are not known. This poem is part of a collection of poems called, "A Bad Case of the Giggles" selected by Bruce Lansky. These kind of poems can be read just for fun, kids love to hear humerous poems.

Old Man

Mrs. Mann's Poetry Corner

There was an old man from Peru
who dreamed he was eating his shoe,
he awoke in the night
in a terrible fright,
and found that his dream was quite true.

From a collection of poems by Bruce Lansky
(Meadowbrook Press, 1994)

Extension: This poem brings up all kinds of pictures in children's minds. A fun extension would be to have students create an illustration that represents the picture they had in their mind while hearing this poem. These illustrations could be placed on a bulletin board with the poem in the center for students and adults to view.